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About Our Farm

At Black Shepherd Farms, we're dedicated to breeding purebred German Shepherds with working bloodlines. Our main focus is to specialize in providing an outstanding canine partner and more importantly, HEALTHY dogs that are bred to the original standard.

Our puppies are 100% European working line shepherds. They will have high drives & an impeccable ability to perform numerous jobs! These dogs will LOVE to work and please their owner. Though our dogs make incredible family companions, they will need to meet specific energy needs and we will only sell to families that we believe can satisfy that stimulation for our dogs. THEY HAVE ENERGY THAT NEEDS UTILIZED! Our dogs make ideal police K9s, scent work dogs, working dogs (herding, guarding, etc.), and more! We will be very strict on where our dogs go and will take them back in a heartbeat if we feel they are not in the right home.

All of our dogs are raised right here on our farm. Don't mistake the "farm" in our name for negative context. We chose the name because we're honored to own over 1,000 acres of farmland that our dogs get to roam on every day! NO kennels or crates and plenty of acres to run around on and just be happy dogs! We enjoy letting our dogs be dogs - they shouldn't be limited inside a house or facility!


We will only be offering a limited quantity of litters, as we care very much about our dogs & only want to breed when they are the most capable. WE DO NOT BREED FOR MONEY. As of right now, we have no plans to expand our program.

Our Goal As Breeders

As pet breeders, our goal at Black Shepherd Farms is to provide our customers with an outstanding canine partner. 

As animal lovers ourselves, we understand how important the health of your pet is to you. That's why we want to provide puppies bred from only the best genetics, pedigrees and testing. Our puppies are a mix of DDR (East) German, West German, Czech & Swiss lines.

We strive to protect the origin of the breed while aiming to correct it's imperfections..

We breed to present our customers with intelligent, beautiful, safe, and well-tempered companions. We DO NOT breed for large size & we DO NOT breed for slanted backs. Although this is a common characteristic of a German Shepherd Dog, it is actually a human error, due to irresponsible inbreeding of the dogs. Don't believe us? Take a look:

german shepherd black sable for sale iowa

This is the GHKLR winner, otherwise known as "Working Class Dog-Male" winner from 1933. Look at his composition. His withers are almost perfectly aligned with his hip bones. The conformation is outstanding.  According the the AKC, the breed standard for show dogs states "The back is straight, very strongly developed without sag or roach, and relatively short. The whole structure of the body gives an impression of depth and solidity without bulkiness." This dog fits this standard perfectly.

long haired german shepherd black tan iowa

This is the GHKLR winner from 1951. Very similar as the winner from 1933. His back is still very straight, even with his legs staggered, and his conformation is still very impressive.

german shepherd roach back

GHKLR winner from 1973. Notice how the dog's back is starting to slant, unlike the winners from the early/mid 1900s.

severely roached German Shepherd

Which brings us to the GHKLR winner in 2013. Beauty is no doubt, but his back is extremely slanted, prone to hip dysplasia and a shorter life expectancy. This is NOT what the breed was originally bred to look like.

We encourage people to do research on German Shepherd breeders. The top show dogs in the nation aren't even bred by responsible breeders - because they shouldn't look like this!

We started this business to get the German Shepherd dog returned to its original roots.

Thanks for getting to know Black Shepherd Farms a little more!

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