Frequently Asked Questions

When will you have puppies available?

Our availability for puppies will change according to when a breeding is scheduled. We will always post on the 'Puppies For Sale" page when we have a scheduled breeding, a pregancy confirmed, or when puppies are available.

How much are puppies?

Our price per puppy is $2000 for males and $2000 for females. These prices are prone to change in the future or at the time of sale. Breeding rights can be purchased for an additional cost. See 'Do you offer breeding rights?' below.

Are your dogs AKC registered? What about hip/elbow/health screened?

Yes! All of our dogs are AKC registered & produce AKC registerable litters. They have all been health tested and cleared of over 170+ genetic conditions. As far as hips & elbows, we have decided against such health checks, as putting the dogs under to do so can cause irreversible damage or death. This is a risk we are not willing to take at the moment & we hope you can respect that. Please move on if this is a deal breaker for you. We have additional facts about our current position on hip testing that you can find on this page. In regards to our dogs - they have a pedigree full of hip rankings no lower than excellent and good. Should our area offer OFA without anesthesia, we will update this section after our dogs have completed testing.

How do I reserve a puppy? (Deposit info)

Once we have a pregnancy confirmed for one of our females, you can be added to our reservation list with a $100 deposit. All deposits are non-refundable, unless our female does not produce what you are looking for. Our deposits are transferable to future litters! If we DO have the availability for you, then we will continue to the next step of choosing your puppy and taking another $300 deposit to hold your puppy until pick-up. This helps us cover the costs of food, care and vet bills for your pup. If you decide you do not want a puppy when we have the availability for you or you back out, then the deposit is non-refundable. We accept deposits in the form of cash, check, Venmo or Paypal.

Do you have a health guarantee?

Yes we do! We have a 1-year health guarantee that is included as a section of our written sales contract. You can find a link to our health guarantee (without breeding rights) below. If you would like to see the health guarantee with breeding rights, please contact us.

Do you offer breeding rights?

We do offer breeding rights for an additional cost. We will ultimately decide the cost of this right at the time of sale. We will also decide which dogs are to be granted that right, as we want to encourage only the best quality dogs to become producers. We DO NOT encourage irresponsible breeding of these dogs and want only responsible/experienced breeders to have this right.

Can anyone have a puppy?

We give everyone an opportunity to own one of our puppies, however, it is our obligation to make sure our dogs go to great homes. We start our interviewing process from the very first message we receive. We are expecting responsible, respectful, animal-loving individuals and families who can support and take care of our dogs. If you do NOT meet this criteria, we highly encourage you to look elsewhere.

Sales Contract + Health Guarantee