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"Unnatural diets predispose animals to unnatural outcomes."

Updated 2/22/22. These are our top recommended dog products for your furry friend! We included multiple budget ranges. Click on a product to view more details or to purchase.

*We do not recommend Blue Buffalo! We have seen a common trend of health concerns with this dog food.

Dog Toys:


KONG Squeezz Stick

Ruffwear Huckama Ball

Ruffwear Turnip Ball<-Roka’s Favorite!

Cute with Stuffing

Zippy Paws

Bark Shop

Big boys

Mammoth 5 Knot Rope

Jolly Ball <-Zeus' favorite!

Dog Topical/Grooming:

Frontline Gold Flea & Tick

Deodorizing Pet Wipes

Earthbath Deodorizing Spray <-tons of different scents and they all smell amazing! I use this on puppies before they go to new homes :)

TropiClean Papaya & Coconut Shampoo <-it's a conditioner too!

*DO NOT feed your dog smoked bones. They chip/splinter easily & can be a hazard to your dog! We also do not recommend feeding ANY amounts of peanut butter to your dog, as it is proven to cause pancreatitis in dogs.

Our Dogs' Diets:
We feed our dogs a 50/50 dry food & raw diet. For our dry kibble, we use Taste Of The Wild Adult Food. All of our dogs were raised on this food from a puppy up to adulthood. One of the main reasons we recommend this food to our clients is because it has worked so well for our dogs. Our dogs are 100% of the DNA of your dog, so take into account that a food that works for both of their parents has a high chance of working for them as well! TOTW is also an affordable option that includes limited ingredients and included probiotics! Our dogs’ favorite flavors are the wetlands, pine forest, and southwest canyon.
For our raw nibs, we go back and forth between Instinct Raw Kibbles & Primal Raw Toppers. We buy multiple flavors at a time to mix it up for our pack. We have also found that buying everything from our local Theisen’s provides the best prices & a great rewards program!
At about every meal or every other, we supplement our dogs with a few products that we have found benefit them. In an effort to switch our dogs to a fully natural lifestyle, we developed a dog wormer out of organic, raw ground pepitas (pumpkin seeds) & raw coconut flakes. We top their feed with about 2 tsp of this mixture for about 3 days on, 3 days off. The amount we feed this mixture also depends on the time of year or if we see signs of worms. Raw pumpkin seeds also contain tons of digestive enzymes, as well as zinc, to help with the production of those enzymes in our system. Coconut flakes provide additional health benefits to bones, coat, inflammation & antioxidants! If you’re wondering how we make this mixture and where we source the ingredients, feel free to contact us!
We also love to top our dogs’ food with Primal Raw Goats Milk. There are a few, fun flavors & our dogs love it! Keep in mind,  goat’s milk does still contain lactose, which some dogs are sensitive to (runny stools.) It’s a great way to build a tolerance in your dogs while providing essential fatty acids. It can also provide an anti-inflammatory affect on the intestinal wall. Did we mention it was rich in probiotics? :)

Besides their main meal & supplements, we also occasionally feed our dogs leftover table scraps. HEALTHY table scraps. Our dogs’ favorites are red bell peppers, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, raw carrots (also great for worms), watermelon, frozen berries, plain meats & cheese.

Treats & Chews
Dogswell Jerky's
Duck Jerky
Salmon Jerky

Earth Animal No-Hide
Lamb Lungs

Cow Ears
Raw Marrow Bones <-sourced from local Fareway

Ruffwear Huckama Ball
Jolly Ball
Ruffwear Turnup
Various stuffing toys but our dogs love these large hedgehogs!

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