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100% working dogs.

We breed to get the German Shepherd Dog back to it's working roots! Our dogs will require homes that can give them a job & fulfill their mental and physical energy levels.

A sense of community.

Once you leave our farm with your BSF pup, you become a piece of our BSF family. We expect our clients to stay active in our community group, where we share updates, advice and more!

Colors and quality.

We specialize in producing long-haired German Shepherd puppies, both all-black & dark sable. Our working dogs are a mix of West German, DDR, Czech & Swiss lineage.

What is a working German Shepherd?

Educate yourself!

WORKING GERMAN SHEPHERDS HAVE A DIFFERENT GENETIC BACKGROUND THAN AMERICAN BRED SHEPHERDS. The German Shepherd was originally bred to be a herding dog in the 1800s by a calvary officer named Max von Stephanitz. But, soon thereafter, the breed became recognized after the World War for its ability to perform a variety of tasks, thus taking a new title as an ideal K9 worker.

These German dogs were first bred throughout the West districts of Germany, which expended to the Northern, Southern & Eastern districts. When the breed reached the Eastern district (DDR) in the mid-to-late 1900s, breeders were determined to develop shepherds that could out-perform the Western bloodlines. They succeeded in creating a shepherd that

provided outstanding qualities that matched those of the West German bred. This included tracking, athleticism, toughness, climbing abilities, hardiness, and the ability to withstand extreme physical conditions and demands. DDR shepherds were shaped into dogs of pure intimidation.

Our dogs are a mixture of West German, DDR, Czech & Swiss lineage. All of which produce dogs that have the blood & drive to work! These dogs are extremely intelligent, and without the right homes, they will become stressed & show it with unacceptable behavior in the house-hold. We are confident in turning away homes that will not give our dogs the energy stimulants that they NEED!

Our working line pedigree.

Our male comes from a direct German import & has a pedigree that's fully loaded!

3 Slovakian Working Champions only 4, 5 & 8 generations back on both sides! Czech police dogs. Multiple Czech Republic Champions, CKNO Champions and Vice Champions. Pedigree full of A1 hips (best German rank) and Excellent/Good OFA. Including the impressive 1995 Norbo Ben-Ju. 2 BSP Seiger winners only 5 and 6 generations back! Certified Avalanche Search Dog.

Our females also come from direct imports with a pedigree full of working champions. We call their side the "sniffers" as their pedigree has proven excellence in scent work. Search & Rescue Dogs, VA1 Universal Sieger 3 generations back, Medical Response Service dog, Narcotics & Human Remains Detection, multipurpose Police and Service Dog, 3x DDR Seiger + Europameister.

Both sides feature a significant amount of Schutzhund titles, ZVV's (Czech Republic), Begleithund titles, Ausdauerpruefung titles, Koerklasse ratings, WUSV's, BSP's and more!

Read all about our German, Czech and Swiss titles here (link coming soon).


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